About Us

We Are Already “Living in the Future”

Our Expertise 

We have the skills, technology, and domain knowledge to design, deliver, and maintain effective IT solutions for vertical industries including banking and finance, manufacturing, healthcare, and telecommunications. Our services exceed the highest quality requirements and are delivered on time, allowing us to form long-term customer relationships. We have the best hi-tech infrastructure to build an intellectually exciting and accommodating environment that will transform us into a leading technological firm that provides high-value-added products and services to the Indian market. We use well-defined processes to assure product quality. These procedures are continually monitored in order to improve the operations' efficiency and efficacy. 

We must be faster in adapting to new reality and bringing smiles to thousands of our consumers and business. Symmetric was founded with a daring spirit and an objective: to build and enhance hard digital infrastructure such as network, Cloud computing , Optical Fiber cables at every working place, while leading the way for promoting economic development. In 2012, we launched Symmetric with the mission to enhance the quality of both working and living space environment ,where things really get done and could make our customers their home, office, factory or their farm a better place. 

Our Strengths 

Long-term experience and skill in offering specialised IT services in the IT industry. As a Service Supplier and IT Partner, we always maintained a strong focus on business. Best support standards and processes are implemented, ensuring comprehensive control and a proactive service strategy. We are constantly striving to enhance our methods and abilities.


Our Story

Every concept begins with a problem. Ours was straightforward; in life, communication and control are essential.

My childhood was spent in the 1970s. My father was a small-time spice merchant who used to sell spices & Forest Products to adjacent cities and struggled to keep up profits with market rates. Wholesale merchants took the majority of the margins. My father, I recall, was keen to just get a Landline installed so that he'd get latest market prices.

 It was the age of the Black Box or trunk dialling phone. The number of lines to a specific town was limited. Despite numerous follow-ups with the authorities, my father was eventually able to get a landline connection in the mid 1980s, following a 9-year wait. 

I noticed a definite distinction between Merchants who had landlines and those who did not, as traders with landlines were growing more prosperous than those who did not. I realised at that point that a lack of telecom infrastructure and dynamic market information has an impact on economic progress. The experience was shared by the other merchants.This prompted me to consider a career in communication infrastructure.

Symmetric was founded to provide a professional alternative to non-professional companies in the IT communication infrastructure industry. 

I believe that technology pleasures improve people's lives, and that Smart Technology might be used in every environment to make people more efficient, feel more safe and secure, and stay connected to the rest of the world. We also think that everyone has the right to develop and live in comfort.

We are the fastest growing private owned zero debt company in Mumbai after eight years. Every other moment I see a symmetric in a purse, backpack, or stroller, I get excited. Our customer base has grown by word of mouth from one delighted user to the next. Today, our comprehensive solution and services are used by over 250 customers in more than 5 cities to alter their entire lives. Symmetric, which is made up of a strong and dedicated workforce, provides businesses and households with the solutions they need to grow and expand. Our digital infrastructure is assisting many businesses and individuals in reducing road accidents, increasing agricultural productivity, increasing energy generating capacity in solar and wind farms, providing quality education to the poor, improving healthcare, and contributing to India's economic growth.

  -Suresh Kamath Founder ,Symmetric IT Services Pvt LTD.